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Inde learning adventure
16 - 25 Novembre 2019



De Bangalore aux Backwaters, de la vie moderne et foisonnante à la nature ressourçante du Kerala, un voyage initiatique exceptionnel de 9 jours aux sources de la spiritualité indienne. Une immersion totale dans l’Inde authentique faite de rencontres et d’expériences fortes suivie d’un temps de retraite et d’intériorité dans lequel chacun sera accompagné vers un leadership éclairé et engagé dans le monde.Lieu : Inde du Sud – limité à 14 personnes.

LEARNING ADVENTURE IN INDIA – At the source of spirituality

“Becoming a mindful and purpose-driven leader for the world”



In partnership with its Indian local partner Mi-shit, Monasterra has designed an exclusive 9-day trip for business leaders, at the crossroad of the worlds of business and wisdom. This high class journey represents a unique experience for a limited group of leaders ready to get out their confort zone and live an authentic adventure that will speak to their body, mind, heart and soul. In this journey, you will learn from others, from nature and reconnect to yourself.

Being radically different from a classical learning expedition (or a touristic tour !), the numerous and various activities of the journey intend to create a very unique transformational leadership process.

The journey is divided in two parts that include a 3-day deep immersion in the India culture, economic and social challenges (in Bengalore) followed by a 5-day retreat in the beautiful and inspiring region of Kumarakom (Kerala State).

Why India ?

For French business leaders, India is today a unique country to experience the fast-evolving business world, its complexity, uncertainty but also its incredible potential of innovation and development. India is, in essence, a perfect accelerated simulator to experience this global change first hand.

At the same time, India remains a unique land of spirituality, cradle land of yoga, buddhism or hindouism. India’s temples and ashrams offer the perfect background to reconnect to one’s inner wisdom and explore the subjects that really matters.

Principles and key benefits

This Learning adventure aims at creating the best conditions and moments to help you live a strong and deep experience of learning and personnal transformation. Mi-Shift and Monasterra’s combined know-hows allowed us to create a process based on the following principles :

Dive Deep : get out our confort zone and be ready to explore new realities, believes and world visions.

Get inspired by others : meet with Indian leaders who are involved in social challenges and share a radically different vision of business. 

Open your heart : allow yourself to use strong emotions as guides to your personal evolution.

Introspection : reconnect to yourself thanks to meditation, yoga and nature.

Personal transformation : experiment coaching and workshops to find your higher purpose, the true meaning of your action and align them to the leader you aspire to be.

Practice yoga and meditation : discover or consolidate your pratice with an Indian teacher, with the genuine spirit of these millenary

Share with your peers : share your insights, thinkings and issues and take advantage of collective intelligence of the group.

Get back to action : cristallise your learnings into first step actions. Return to France with a refreshed vision, a renewed energy and new ideas that make positive difference for your organization and society.

Key moments of the journey

The intense and rich program of the journey is a combination of on the ground experiences, in the street immersion, meetings with inspiring people, visits of symbolic or inspiring places, walks in beautiful nature, individual introspection moments and group workshops and sharings. And more.

Among all this, we can mention the following specific moments :

  • Out on the street in India’s chaos
  • In the slums, encountering the « base of the pyramid » people
  • Meetings with inspiring Indian business entrepreneurs and ONG leaders
  • Participate in an ONG daily activity with children
  • Practice of various forms of meditation and yoga with an Indian experimented teacher
  • Moments of introspection, silence and contemplation.
  • Coaching sessions and workshops
  • Circles of deep conversations
  • Numerous moments of sharing with other French leaders in a deep and authentic way

And off course, numerous times to discover Indian culture in an authentic way, discover Indian’s spirituality, visit sacred places and enjoy Kerala’s beautiful nature.

What this Learning Adventure is NOT

This trip is not to be confused with a classical learning expedition. The purpose is not to understand how to do business in India nor getting new managerial ideas. This journey is not a standard business trip either : the trip is intense, with possible disconfort, but full of epic moments and joy.

Practical information

Dates : departure on the 16th of november, from Nice or Paris. Return on the 25th.

Detailled program and prices will be available soon. If you are interested, please fill-up the contact form.

The group size is limited to 14 people.

Accordingly to Monasterra’s mission, 10% of the revenus of the Journey will be given to a local Non Gouvernmental Organisation and carbon emissions of the filghts will be compensated.


Intervenant(s) de la retraite

coach de dirigeants


Romain is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and executive coach. As founder of Monasterra, his mission is to help business leaders willing to live a more aligned and conscious leadership. Convinced that such leaders have the power to contribute to solving the main social and environmental issues, he has inspired and supported hundred of managers through retreats, training and conférences since 2015.

Romain is a graduate from Neoma Business School. Prior to Monasterra, he ran his own consulting company for 12 years in the field of psychological risks and well-being at work. Romain is married and lives near Aix-en-Provence.

Debapriya NAG

Priya is the co-founder of Mi-shift, a learning organisation that enables seasoned and new leaders undergo a mindset shift helping them generate new possibilities for themselves, their companies and their societies back home. Yoga is a cornerstone of her life and she loves enabling others to embrace the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga.

Priya has a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Sociology and Economics. Prior to Mi-Shift, she worked at Accenture for 10 years, in their HR function. She is married, and lives in Bangalore, India.